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Bismillah hir rahman ir raheem – In the name of Allah, the kind, the merciful.

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmat Allahi wa Barakatuhu – May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be on you.

In my health practice I teach that fasting is the prerequisite to achieving good health and to reverse the effects of disease.

Many health regimes and programmes in the western world acknowledge this and start their clients on a fast first. Herbalists and naturopaths as well as top life coaches such as Anthony Robbins include fasting in their programmes.

However, the unique aspect of Islamic fasting is the completeness of the fasting and the completeness of the recovery of the health of the individual.

Look at it in this way: before you can fill a glass with liquid to drink, you must first empty it to make it fresh – assuming there is something already there.

In the same way, when disease is present, it must first be cleared before adding the elements of good health.

What are the elements of good health according to Islam?

All of the things which are considered halaal – lawful – are also beneficial and healthy for a person. The things which are considered haraam – unlawful – are also bad and unhealthy in the same way.

To consider the food which is declared haraam first: meat which has not been drained of blood contains disease causing agents and toxins. Hence the increase in non-muslims purchasing halaal meat for their health. My non-muslim friends dining at my home have told me that the halaal meat tastes better.

From my pranic healing training I learned that pork has the dirtiest effect on the body, and that it is avoided by healers who would not be able to transmit the fresh energy to heal the body. In pranic healing the principle of healing is to remove dirty energy before bringing fresh energy of healing: another point which supports the premise that removal of the old is required before healing can take place.

Alcohol, also haraam, is well known for its toxic effects and harming of the liver. Again, in pranic healing, this shows up as black spots on the person’s energy body which a healer can see or touch depending on their level of training. Islamically the building up of black spots is mentioned as a disease of the heart and which would have to be cleaned for the person to be closer to Allah.

Nicotine is also a source for black spots on the heart chakra. It has long been known as a grey area as it is not mentioned in the Quran or hadith. However many scholars have issued fatwas about the issue of smoking and declared it as haraam because of its negative effects on health.

As for the halaal: there are many foods which are considered good and healthy including honey, dates, pomegranates, black seed (nigella sativa) and olives. More details to be added in a future blog InshaAllah.

Wa salaam – With Peace

Bano Younus

11 September 2012

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